Difference between psychic and medium

I am sure you have all heard "psychic" or "medium"...There is a difference, although many people use the words alternately.  A psychic is one who claims to be able to tell the future.  They use various channels such as tarot cards, auras and crystal balls.  Psychics provide insights for you concerning relationships.  A medium serves AS the channel between the sitter and loved ones who have passed into spirit.  This is what I do.  I am the channel from this plane to the ones who have passed into spirit.  Most religions have faith that an afterlife exists, so the idea that a medium can communicate with a deceased loved one is more believable than a psychic reading where the future is based on a crystal ball or palm readings. etc.  Our spirit loved ones are around us all the time.  If we understand and believe this, we can communicate in many ways with them.    I work by sitting in a quiet room with a client, tell them to concentrate on a loved one they wish to hear from.  This helps any spirit available to pass on a message to you, the client, or the sitter.

It is extremely rewarding to do a "reading" for a person and bring through a husband, wife, child who gives a message to me to relate to them that they only can understand.  I remember reading for a mother and son.  I had never met them before, but as soon as I sat down, I felt a loss they had suffered...someone (the son, brother) showed me a red Honda..They both burst out crying because he had died in a crash involving the car.  Furthermore, he told them to "take the car out of the garage and work on it.  It is safe and I want you to enjoy driving it."  The son in spirit also referred to a feature of his car which only the two knew about.  He helped his grieving mother and brother to understand he was around them and would continue to protect them.

I also received a message for a young girl and her mother at a church where I was doing mediumship.  I brought the husband and son through to them with pertinent information to confirm they were really there.  Both of them were extremely happy with their messages from the spirit world and said they had waited a long time to hear from them.  They were happy, and so was I.